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Spell That

When I was a wee skater, my teachers used to say “just sound it out” when I was struggling to spell a word which works great if you’re trying to spell “Mike Bossy”.  How do Finish teachers teach kids to spell with names like Pekka Rautakallio?

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Great Goalie (Names)

Tony Esposito or Rogatien (Rogie) Vachon?   (Although my personal favourite for a goalie was “Red Light Racicot”)

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When Your Line-mates Start Being Called “The Sundin Sisters”…

…it’s not a good thing.   The Martin brothers have gone by the nickname “the Sedin twins” since beginning of this half in the W.  Daniel and Henrik have had a bit of a brotherly squabble going on throughout the past two months, much to the delight of their teammate.  At times, there has been a reference to a third brother “Ludwig” although I cannot remember why.

Things took a turn for the worse this week however, when in a moment of trash-talk-turned-black-humour, someone referred to them as “the Sundin sisters”.  Swedish references aside, there are so many things wrong with this label, I’ll go no further in trying to describe it.

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The Draft

Blue is back.

The second-half draft for the W was held this afternoon and after much sniping and trading of scouting information the way fishermen trade info about where the fish are biting (hint: fisherman don’t do this), the four teams were divied up.

After studying Blue’s success from the first half carefully, I spotted what I think was the secret sauce – common names.  We had two guys named Bob and whenever ref Rich played for us, we had two guys named Rich.

And so, in today’s draft, I chose accordingly and am happy to announce I landed the same two Bob’s (and a third if you count Colonel in this category),  two Chris’s, three guys last-named Martin and some overlap amongst these duplicated first-name / last-name combo’s.  We’re loaded with common names and I think that is something we can build on, something we can feel good about.

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Lou Angotti, Dennis Kearns and the Kansas City Scouts

After our WOHL game tonite, Mike Paola asked if anyone remembered the name Lou Angotti.  Given the age of the guys in the room, most did.   I immediately remembered him as a Minnesota North Star (a team he never played for) while most of the others nailed him correctly as a Black Hawk for most of his NHL years.   Sadly I have no hockey card memory of Lou.  A quick google search shows he also played the 1962-63 season here in the KW area with the KW Tigers before moving on to the Rochester Americans.  Who knew?

Mike also tossed out the name Dennis Kearns who several also remembered (including me correctly) as a Canuck.  Proof positive is in the accompanying card image.








There was also a bit of banter about some other players and old teams that came and went until we stumbled on one we couldn’t solve in the room via consensus – when did the Kansas City Scouts enter the league?  As luck would have it, and as the song “2 outta 3 ain’t bad” suggests, I also had a card for that – 1974!

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Hound Dog Kelly

The Broad Street Bullies had their share of colourful characters.  One of these was Bob “Hound Dog” Kelly.   A scrapper to go with a bunch of other Flyer scrappers, Kelly played a lot like Tie Domi in later years with the Leafs.  I remember him skating at crazy speeds chasing opponents “doggedly”.  Thus the name no doubt.

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Great Names in Hockey

I’ve written other posts in this blog about funny hockey player nicknames.  Here’s a couple more.  Remember Alex Mogilny?  Started with the Sabres after defecting to the West (during the World Junior Christmas Tournament, which was played in North America that year) shortly before the wall came down.    He earned the nickname “Choo-Choo” because he was afraid of flying and early in his career, often took the train between cities to games.

Going back much further, there was John “Pieface” MacKenzie of the Bruins in the 70’s.  Apparently, he was given the nickname by his teammates because his round face resembled that of a cartoon character with said name on a candy bar rapper of the day.   A colourful character always, MacKenzie later became famous for the MacKenzie Choke Dance, a name earned at the end of the 6th game of the Stanley Cup finals in 1972 when the Bruins beat the Rangers on Ranger ice to win the cup.  At game’s end, MacKenzie skated to centre ice, raised one arm in a Statue of Liberty pose and raised the other to his neck in a choking jester then jumped around in a circle.

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