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A Most Beautiful Game

Tonight’s game was a gem.  I enjoyed it as much as I’ve ever enjoyed watching a game.   Talent, desire, desperation and meanness all in the name of the quest for Stanley.

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Who Invented The Dangle?

I always thought I could remember a video of Nifty Middleton pulling this off way back but when I you-tubed his highlights, I was mistaken.  He was a gifted stickhandler but I didn’t see any toe drag.


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Scorers, Not

Guys who just couldn’t score – Matt Stajan (ever), and for one season in Montreal, Scott Gomez.  Or as Tiger Williams once said of Bob Gainey, “He couldn’t shoot it in the ocean if he fell out of a boat.”

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Do you remember Brian Glennie for the Leafs?  Man, could he hit.

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Leaf Defencemen

Was Brad Marsh the most talented offensive defenceman ever to play for Toronto? (Or is this a hypothetical question?)

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Who was a better raw goal scorer – Brett Hull or Mike Bossy?

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The Art of the Pass

Who was a better passer – Gretzky or Sid?  (I’d like a few votes on this one myself but only because I don’t skate, shoot or score like these gents)

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