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Lou Angotti, Dennis Kearns and the Kansas City Scouts

After our WOHL game tonite, Mike Paola asked if anyone remembered the name Lou Angotti.  Given the age of the guys in the room, most did.   I immediately remembered him as a Minnesota North Star (a team he never played for) while most of the others nailed him correctly as a Black Hawk for most of his NHL years.   Sadly I have no hockey card memory of Lou.  A quick google search shows he also played the 1962-63 season here in the KW area with the KW Tigers before moving on to the Rochester Americans.  Who knew?

Mike also tossed out the name Dennis Kearns who several also remembered (including me correctly) as a Canuck.  Proof positive is in the accompanying card image.








There was also a bit of banter about some other players and old teams that came and went until we stumbled on one we couldn’t solve in the room via consensus – when did the Kansas City Scouts enter the league?  As luck would have it, and as the song “2 outta 3 ain’t bad” suggests, I also had a card for that – 1974!


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For Old-Timer Hockey Players, It’s As Fun As It Ever Was

Great feature article  in today’s KW Record on old-timer hockey.  A couple of guys in their 70’s and 80’s are quoted about what the game is like at their age.   From their perspective, and one shared by most guys I play with, is that it still as much fun (if not more) than it was when we were kids.

We’re slower, we don’t shoot as hard, there’s no hitting or slapshots and overall we’re just not as good, nor is the overall quality of hockey.  But we play very much the same way we did as kids, our old habits still there from many, many years ago.  We still trash talk our buddies about the same foibles in their games and personalities.  As a friend of mine once said “It’s the most fun you can have with your pants on.”

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Skipping Hockey

There is a low point in the life of an old-timer hockey player and that low point is reached when a player is too tired to go to their game on any given evening.  It may have been a long day at work or a crappy sleep the night prior but whatever the reason, when you skip hockey because you are just too tired to go, you are left with a pretty lousy feeling when you awake the next morning.

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Thanksgiving Hockey Monday

Ever since I began playing in the Woolwich league, we have played hockey on Monday nights.  This means that we play on the night of Thanksgiving Mondays.  This means there are a bunch of old guys, most of whom love food, who have eaten too much at several meals over the course of three days who are playing hockey on Thanksgiving Monday.

Ever since I began playing in the Woolwich league, I remember Thanksgiving Monday night games being a much slower pace than other games and being a bit more of a struggle to get through.

Hockey goes well with many things.  Ice, friends, beer, trash-talk, old friends you played with in years past, Leaf jokes to name a few.  However, there are some things hockey doesn’t go well with.  It’s a shorter list, but Thanksgiving Monday night is right up there near the top.

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Scott Niedermayer Hasn’t Won The Golden Boot

The Stanley Cup, the Memorial Cup, the World Junior Championship, The Olympics…..and the Golden Boot.  That is an impressive list of hockey trophies to be sure, and their order of listing does not imply anything with respect to relative importance.    Some famous gents have had the good fortune of being a part of teams that have won several of these.  Scott Niedermayer comes to mind.   

Having said that, Neidermayer’s name isn’t on The Golden Boot which perhaps does suggest that while those teams he was apart of were pretty good, and their victories hard fought, winning the Golden Boot is just a little beyond the others.  A little harder to win.  A little more unique to drink out of than some old tin cup.

This year’s winning team in the battle for the Golden Boot was the Blue Team.   And I, not Niedermayer, was on that team.  A team I’ll always be proud to say I was a part of.  It may not have been 16 wins over 2 months.  (In fact, it was only 2 wins and 1 loss between 9:00 am Saturday morning and 2:00 pm Saturday afternoon a few weekends back).    It may not have been a full-contact war of attrition among finely tuned athletes. (In fact, it was just a bunch of old pluggers eating Warmington’s good eats and drinks between games).  It may not have made front-page news in National Newspapers.  (In fact, the only mention in the media at all was….um…well, never mind).  What is was instead, was just about the finest hockey ever played.

So when Niedermayer is ready to take stock of what’s he really accomplished, and comes to realize that he came up one trophy short, he’ll always be welcome to throw his name on to the spare list for the W and see if he can work his way into a regular roster spot.  If he does, and if he is lucky enough some Saturday morning in March some day in the future to win it all, then and only then will he be able to truly revel in his accomplishments.  Until then, he’s just another guy who won some of the great trophies in the game, without winning perhaps the most important one of them all…The Golden Boot.

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This was the reaction my daughter got recently from a bunch of her girlfriends when she chipped in with her version of her most embarrassing moment ever.    Not sure sure of the venue where this collective of young female wisdom dished up such stories but my daughter assured me her’s got as strong a reaction as any.

So…what does this have to do with the hockey you ask?  Well, as it turns out, this most embarrassing movement took place when my daughter and a neigbourhood friend recently attended the hockey game of this friend’s mother.

For some reason I cannot remember, these two young ladies needed to visit the dressing room of the ladies team.  As my daughter describes it, they went down the long hall containing all the dressing room doors to the one where the friend’s mother’s team was preparing for battle.  My daughter was sure the correct dressing room was the one with the red key in the door and her compadre was sure it was a different one.

The latter door was the one they chose to open and things headed south quite quickly at that point.  If you’ve ever been inside the dressing room at any hockey rink, and given that this particular blog is written by one who writes as an old-timer, my guess is that you’re already forming a visual of how this post-game interview went down.  This was not the standard Daniel-Alfredson-on-the-bike-in-his-under-armour. Nope, this went down way less pretty than that.

Not sure if there is any clearer way to describe the scene than this:  Old Ugly Naked Guys.

My daughter claims her and her buddy screeched and quickly tried to shield their eyes from damage, as one might in the event of a solar flare or thermo-nuclear detonation.  And to be fair to the Old Ugly Naked Guys, they too reacted – one apparently yelled “Whoa!” in a half scared, half threatened, half violated, half surprised sort of tone.

The girls predictably ran like scared rabbits.  Off to the other room.  It was made more horrible by the fact that this happened before the friend’s mother’s game even began.  The young ladies actually sat through that game on the bench of the mother’s team.  There is security in closeness to loved ones to be sure and this situation called for all of that.  They literally kept their heads down in the arena until they went home for fear of seeing one of the aforementioned Old Ugly Naked Guys.

I’m sure the old boys weren’t quite as scarred for life by the experience.  There were likely one or two who  got nailed with more ridicule than some of the others.  No doubt the ones with the least equipment on, the ones with the longest history of female problems, etc. etc.

The old hockey adage “keep your stick on the ice” can be used to sum up the moral of most hockey stories. However, I’m not sure it applies here.


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Thoughts prior to Christmas Tourney ’11 (and scouting video)

The W’s Christmas tournament happens this Monday night.   Anticipation is high that the old barn will be packed to the rafters with rabid fans who just appreciate hockey played the old school way.  No helmets, sears catalog shinpads, goalies without masks, wooden sticks with no curve and players on opposite teams who just don’t like each other very much.

Ok, that’s just bluster.  There will be no fans and it’s a relatively new rink with steel girders instead of rafters.  While there are still some wooden sticks, we all wear helmets, some wear mouth guards and our goalies have heavier garb than Darth Vader.  Protection is as important now as it was when we were 16 and so while some of us have some old school equipment (grade 10 shoulder pads still exist in this bloke’s hockey bag), most of us strap ourselves into safe gear relatively tightly.  In fact, I heard one WOHL’er say to another as the other poured a whole role of tape around both his legs before Thursday night’s game “What – are you afraid you’re going to fall apart out there!?”

Lastly, we all pretty much all get along as we have to share the chicken wings afterwards at the Central, especially in light of Duncan’s concern that Webbie just never orders enough wings, the dominant topic of conversation in the blue team’s dressing room since approximately Thanksgiving weekend.  So here’s to Monday night.  The Blue team is ready to change it’s strategy by attempting to score first in all three games since we all know in a 15 minute game in the W, it’s kinda like sudden death from the drop of the first puck.  Game On!

Check out the footage of red vs. white as well.  If you have your volume up loud enough and your hearing aid in, you can hear Farrell shouting at someone to get the puck on the net very early on in this clip.  Kudo’s to white’s goalie who stacks the pads part way through and gets a huge roar from the crowd…er…someone.


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