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A Long Day of Work

I have been very busy at work lately.  Today was a long work day full of ups and down.  I was in the office when the day began (ie. after midnight), joined a conference call from home at 5:00 AM, was back in office for 7:30, was home for a few hours at dinner then headed back to the office.  So…there wasn’t much time to think about hockey…

…Other than checking out the NHL stats on my phone late in the evening during a respite from staring at my computer monitor, other than making a mental note that I need new laces, other than thinking it’s a shame I haven’t used that new stick I bought two weeks ago as I passed by it at dinner still sitting in the front hall, other than wishing I could be out playing shinny rather than working as I drove by an empty open air rink both on the way to work in the morning and on the way back to work in the evening, other than reading a few posts on Facebook about how Kadri is coming into his own after his Thursday night hat track, other than thinking how much I miss going to my son’s games now that he no longer plays, other than getting a good feeling from reading in the local paper yesterday at breakfast that the Kitchener Rangers are getting some of their best boys back in the lineup as the play-offs approach, other than wondering worriedly if I locked the van in the work parking lot after I came in because all my gear is in the back.

Yup, I was so busy today, I barely had time to think about hockey.

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Skipping Hockey

There is a low point in the life of an old-timer hockey player and that low point is reached when a player is too tired to go to their game on any given evening.  It may have been a long day at work or a crappy sleep the night prior but whatever the reason, when you skip hockey because you are just too tired to go, you are left with a pretty lousy feeling when you awake the next morning.

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