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What Price Hockey?

I don’t recall how old I was but it was sometime during my elementary school days at St. Anne’s in Peterborough.   The parish church was right across the parking lot out front of the school so we were pretty closely aligned with the parish recruitment activities.  There were no altar girls back in those days, just boys.  (Someone must have taken to readin’ in the later years).

Some of my buddies were altar boys but I never had received the calling and was quite ok with it.  However, one later winter day, it was announced at school that those male students who had served that year would be eligible for a special altar-boys-only hockey game one afternoon while the rest of stayed in school.   This made me pause – hockey in exchange for religious service – hmmmm…..but after a bit of brief thought, and a little anguish about being left out of what promised to be a pretty fair game, I decided to move on.

It was as close to a calling as I ever got.


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