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Last night’s flashback game on CBC was a Habs-Bruin match from the 1978 play-offs.   I happened to turn the game on at the exact point where Jonathan and Bouchard went at it.  Man, what a fighter Jonathan was.   Did he ever make a mess of Bouchard.    Here’s a link to the vid of the fight and some funny comments from arm-chair gladiators who liked the game that way.

I like the comments pointing out that this wasn’t an isolated affair and that Jonathan put similar beat-downs on Moose Dupont, Mel Bridgman, etc.   At tough as he was, he could play too and scored 27 goals one season for the Bruins.  Sadly, and coincidentally, he was in the news this week after being charged in a hunting accident where another hunter was killed by accident.

I would have loved to watch the entire game but alas, the in-laws were here for the weekend and one does not watch such a game with one’s mother in-law.  If there was ever an argument for a second TV, this would be it.


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A Fight By Any Other Name…

Like any good sport, hockey has it’s share of jargon.  Over the years, the colour guys have come up with some wonderful ways to refer to a fight.  Some that come to mind are donnybrook, set-to, altercation, rhubarb, fisticuff, bench-clear (obviously, a fairly large fight), brawl, brouhaha and scrap.  I’m sure I don’t have ’em all here but these are some good ones.


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