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Scoring Leaders 1974-5

Back to hockey cards for today’s post.  Here’s how the 74-5 season finished up in the NHL with respect to stats for goals, assist, points, etc.  Check out the back showing Bobby Orr’s total of 46 goals, as a defenceman, on one knee.





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10,000 games of hockey…well, maybe not quite that many

While driving home from my game one night last week, I got to thinking about how many games of hockey I’ve actually played, organized or pickup.   Here’s what I came up with:

  • 11 years of church house league at approximately 20 games per year = 220 games
  • 4 years of high school hockey at approximately 30 games per year = 120 games
  • 4 years of rec hockey at university at approximately 10 games per year = 40 games
  • 9 years of Thursday night pickup in Waterloo for 25 weeks = 225 games
  • 8 years of the Grand River Industrial league in Kitchener at approximately 20 games per year = 160 games
  • 15 years of the Woolwhich Oldtimers league at approximately 50 games per year = 750 games
  • 7 summers of pickup once a week for 15 weeks = 105 games
  • 3 summers of pickupu twice a week for 15 weeks = 90 games
  • 3 years of the Waterloo Hi Tech League at approximately 15 games per year = 45 games
  • tournaments during the last 15 years at approximately 10 games per year = 150 games
  • Grand Total = 1905 games

I wonder what my my team’s won-loss record was in this grand mass of games?  Next up, calculating how many hours I’ve spent on neighbourhood rinks, backyard rinks and the odd flooded field or frozen canal.


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