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How Fast Was Lafleur?

Dunno…but he always looked fast because of the way his hair blew in the wind when he raced down the ice.  And when he scored, no one smiled like the flower.  A little wry smile that lit up the rink.

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More Than A Tape Job

Bobby Orr means a lot to anyone who has any love of the game.   Like all greats, he is known for many great things – championships, stats, magical plays, etc.

However, great players also have certain subtleties which add to their mystique.  In Orr’s case, one of things I always loved about him was the way he taped the blade of his stick.  A thin strip of black, not the whole blade.  Nothing fancy but unique in its own way.

Apparently those involved in another physical sport noticed as well and this simple black strip became the inspiration for Boston area strippers to shave their nether regions in a manner that exposed a similar black strip – known affectionately as “a Bobby Orr”.

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