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The Pride of Trout Creek Ontario

I don’t remember Gerry Odrowski as a hockey player.  I only remember my Dad telling me a story about a very average hockey player named Gerry Odrowski that for some reason some fans somewhere decided to form a fan-club around precisely because he was so average.   Now my Dad told me this story a LONG time ago and the only reason I can come up with for it being even remotely accurate (ie. that he actually told me such a story) is that there’s no way I would have remembered the name Gerry Odrowski for any other reason.

Whether there was actually a fan-club in his name is debatable since Google offers no such evidence.  However, the essence of the story stands – he seems to have been one pretty ordinary dude.  In fact, judging by his picture, he looks like he might have been too old to play in my older-timer league even now if you moved him ahead 30 years.  Seriously – look at this guy!

The back of his hockey card says he was a “solid, stay-at-home defenceman” and a good passer who chipped in 36 points in 77 games for the 1974 LA Sharks.


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