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I’m ready to go Coach, put me in!

Sometimes taking a bit of a break gives one some perspective. I’ve written a total of 4 posts in just over the past 6 years here on Rink Tales.  Time truly flies.  A couple of those posts were written about 4 years ago while my mind was hyperventilating with the prospect I might not be able to play again after a shoulder injury.  One of the posts was post-Humboldt and writing something felt almost obligatory.  And then there was a single random post last year where I kinda felt like I wanted to write again…but apparently didn’t.

Well, like Mario comin’ out of retirement in the 90’s, I’m ready to go again and am looking forward to flooding the rinktales ice with as many good hockey thoughts as I can come up with.  This week was hot as heck but lovely as summer can be here in Southern Ontario and the smell of hockey just seemed to be in the air for me.  I broke a skate blade about 2/3 of the way into my Friday afternoon shinny session, I started watching Letterkenny and bumped into a fellow WOHL’er this week where we traded stories of glory days past and to come.  That’s an August hat-trick if there ever was one.

Stay tuned, we’ll be right back after the intermissions

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365 days of hockey is a lot of writing

Ok, I admit it.  Several weeks back, I pledged to write something everyday on this blog for a full year.  Well, with this post, I think I’m officially on track.  However, I ain’t gonna lie to y’all.  Some of these posts are getting written retroactively as I’ve already fallen several days behind several times during these past few weeks.

I’m enjoying the writing a ton and have a list of blog post ideas as long as your arm.  The problem is almost every one is a short story and a story cannot be written in a couple of sentences.  This is feeling a bit like a hockey practice – you feel real good when it’s over but there’s some pain in the “doing” of it.

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