The Slapshot

I know there are lots of guys throughout history who had a great slapper but was there anything more beautiful, even if you were a Hawks fan, than watching Johnny Boychuk’s slapshot goal that tied the game 5-5 last night?   In super slow mo, it was poetry in motion.  No flutter in that puck at all.


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A Most Beautiful Game

Tonight’s game was a gem.  I enjoyed it as much as I’ve ever enjoyed watching a game.   Talent, desire, desperation and meanness all in the name of the quest for Stanley.

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A Hockey Scene…In June

I went out for a quick walk down the street tonight to drop a letter into the mailbox.  A few houses away, on a gorgeous late spring evening, where the leaves were fully out and the temperature was bordering on hot, I spotted a young boy, about as tall as a Corey-Crawford goalie pad hacking away at a ball on the sidewalk.  He was shooting it about 20 feet with all his might, to his very pregnant mom who didn’t have the speed of Duncan Keith but looked like she was enjoying herself playing this time of year just the same.

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As Good As It Gets

Our last night of spring hockey in Cambridge last night was a thing of beauty for me.  The trifecta for someone my age – I cut my stick off (again – another inch and a half) and voila, magic, my legs felt good and the heat and humidity slowed the ice to a slushy crawl so that the young guns were suddenly only two gears quicker than I for a change.

Someone commented they hadn’t seen ice this soft ever….inside, which immediately conjured up images of outdoor rinks in late February that had been skated on all day Saturday and were more snow than ice.  That’s old school baby, that’s where you learn to stick handle, when you’re not just trying to hang on to the puck but fight off six checkers and a pound of snow on your blade.

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Jofa vs Titan

You can still buy a Sherwood 5030 PMP in stores today but the Jofa’s and Titan’s of my boyhood days are long gone.  Where do old, unbroken hockey sticks go?

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The Pre-Game Nap

There is nothing finer than a good nap before a game and nailing it – waking feeling really solid and ready to go.

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Ogie Ogilthorpe – one of the greatest characters the game has ever known.   I love the movie Slapshot.   It was such a parody of the game and life itself.  While a little hard to listen to unless you are a longshoreman, like the movie Rocky, it’s a collection of funny scenes, one after another.  I’ve met more than a few hockey players who are twins of the characters in this moving.  It really does present that ultimate philosophical question – does life imitate art or does art imitate life?

Paul Newman claimed playing the role of Reg Dunlop was one of his favourite characters of all the movies he did.   He also said that although he never swore much in real life, there was a “hangover” from this movie and the cleanliness of his language was never the same.

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